Restorations Customisation

restoration mainHere at Meadway, we also offer a customisation and restoration service.

If you have a classic car that requires restoring, then look no further.

We are capable of carrying out any aspect of a restoration, from a bare metal respay or leather replacement to a full major restoration project including bodywork, mechanical, interior etc.

As well as restoration, we also offer customisation. This could could involve anything from a complete re-colour to fitting a custom wide body kit.

Our facilites enable us to accomdate any form of bodywork that you could require.

The on-site state of the art mixing schemes enable us to create any colour imaginable to mind.

To name just a few of our previous projects would include a complete fleet re-colour of 40 vehicles from white to purple, a 1973 Mercedes SL, 1970 Jaguar E -Type, a CLK Black and many more.

To discuss any form of restoration or customisation, please call 020 8882 2200 or click here

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